Colina do Sol in Taquara

We are naturists. We like to be naked at home, on the street, alone, with other people, friends or strangers, it doesn't matter - our nudity says about our freedom of expression and the recognition that our whole body is worthy of the joy of enjoying the contact with the sun, the wind, the rain ... It is worthy of being introduced to the other, in full, when we look him in the eye and say: pleasure to meet you! And because we are like this, lovers of this unique possibility of being whole and we feel perfectly integrated and happy when we are enjoying contact with Nature, it was necessary to have a place where these desires could safely materialize. The Colina do Sol Naturist Club is the space where we naturists can experience all of this, with respect for who we are and the other who live with us. In this conviviality, we exercise simplicity and the natural acceptance of differences, which are said at a glance, because we do not believe in mass beauty - children, young, mature or old, fat or thin, with or without defects, our bodies parade naked its own originality. Colina do Sol is a Naturist Village (the largest in the southern hemisphere!), With approximately 50 residents, born in Rio Grande do Sul, or coming from other Brazilian states and even from other countries. However, more than ninety huts have been built. Many of the huts (we call those who have huts here) live in neighboring cities and come here only on weekends. Others, those who reside in other states and countries, only come on vacation. Does not matter! Each one, in his own way and possibility, builds his private paradise here… But, so that all naturists can have access to the Colina and safely enjoy the naturist privileges, the Clube Naturista Colina do Sol also has an area for members and visitors. Housed in rental or camping huts, they can spend weekends, holidays and vacations here, living with those who chose to be able to live naturism full time and with naturists from different parts of the world. In order to get to know the details and peculiarities of Colina do Sol and the naturist way of life, you are invited to visit the various links on this site. We are sure that, after this visit, you will feel like getting to know us and living with us!

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95600 Taquara

Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

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