Shooting some scenes here for the film 'Captain Corelli's Mandolin' has highlighted this lovely beach and also provided a tarmac road. In Sami, head for the harbour area. When my contributors visited, there was a large square road area in front of the harbour but they were starting to build a roundabout in the middle. Go to the far south-eastern corner of this square, (top right hand end looking towards the sea) and there is a small signpost for Antisamos. Go up this narrow residential road which takes a sharp right-hand turn, then at the T junction turn left and follow the road out of town, up over the hill and headland to drop down to beautiful Antisamos (about 4 kms, I would guess). On reaching the beach there is a track at the rear of the beach. Drive as far right (south) as you can go and park. You can either continue to walk south along the stony beach or take an unmade track running behind trees that front the beach. After a few minutes, where the track continues ahead and inland, there is a well-worn footpath forking left which goes down between the trees onto the naturist section of this beach. You MUST now follow the coast line as there has been a further rock fall just before the naturist section of the beach.

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