Fuentes Termales de Valle Ruso

Undeveloped wilderness hot springs near a waterfall in a remote river valley. Beautiful place and well worth the effort to get there. The entrance fee is Mex$ 40 per person for a day visit and another 40 for overnight camping. The point does not mark the springs but the place where you can park your car and camp. From there to the waterfall it's about 1km as the crow flies. Beyond the waterfall we found two hot springs about 300 (32.102735 N, 116.441456 W) respectively 400 m (32.103720 N, 116.440749 W) further on. We found it to be quite a hike rather than an easy stroll and would recommend to allow about an hour to reach the second spring. It's not easy to find the spots as the path is not marked and not always clearly visible. If you don't use GPS look for palm trees close to the springs. In this remote location, the apparent local clothing custom is the mutual consent of those present. To locate the starting point of the hike you must exit highway 3 near the tiny village of Guadalupe at the La Cetto winery. Then wind along the dirt roads which border the fences/fields. Do not veer from the main track and always keep left if in doubt. There are two river crossings on the way to the ranch house where you pay the fee - easy when the water is low but might be impassable after heavy rains. Beyond the farm the track gets quite rough - a high clearance vehicle is recommended.

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Baja California, Mexico

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