Nude Beach

North of the municipal beach of Puerto Morelos and south of the Desire Hotel beach, there is an area available to the public for nude tanning and swimming. It is not an official site nor is it signposted, but this section of the beach is commonly used for nude bathing. There is pedestrian traffic on the beach, but no one seems to mind including the police who ride up and down the beach. The easy-going atmosphere may be due to the fact that the nude bathers may be considered spillover users from the Desire hotel which has its own officially sanctioned nude beach. Nude use of the beach is already a common sight (at Desire), and the fact that the area is located in front of a national reserve makes nudity easier in this less populated area than on the beach in Puerto Morelos itself. This is a definitely the only option for nude use of the beach in Puerto Morelos for those who have not booked themselves into a clothing optional hotel.

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Puerto Morelos, Municipio Benito Juárez

Quintana Roo, Mexico

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