Umhlanga Lagoon Nude Beach

A nice quiet beach located at the north end of Umhlanga beach. You can walk from the main beach (probably 2-3km) or you can park at the Umhlanga Lagoon Nature Reserve next to the Breakers Hotel, 88 Lagoon Drive. Take the trail walk through the forest and onto the beach. There is a fork early on in the trail. The right fork gets you to the beach quickly but leaves you with a long walk to be done going north up the beach. If you take the left fork, this is a much longer nature walk. Small animals and birds can be spotted. Continue on the trail, cross over the wooden bridge up the hill/dune on the other side. Follow the trail along the dune until the get to the end and exit the dune onto the beach. From here the lagoon is minutes away. Generally it is not a very busy beach although it can be at weekends/holidays. Apart from the few nudists, you may encounter the odd fisherman or dog walkers.

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Hillhead, Blackburn, Durban Metro

KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

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