small bay east of Rawai

Go to the eastern end of Rawai an park. Walk east, there is a road across the top of the rocks to this small bay. Look for a large pipe going across the roadway after about 400 metres and turn right down to the beach. It is possible that the beach will be empty and you can use the first part but if it is not go east across some rocks and there is another small area of sand between the rocks. As always in Thailand be prepared to cover up if you see local Thai people as we do not want to offend. Having said that I spent a couple of days here in March I did not see any locals but did see another couple of guys nude. Just an update to say that the pipe I referred to earlier has now become rather overgrown and you need to look for a dip in the road and on your right you can still see the remains of the pipe I referred to earlier. In December 2019 there were two other couples enjoying the beach au natural

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Tambon Rawai, Amphoe Mueang Phuket


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