Petitor - Torquay

A traditionally tolerated naturist beach on the northern outskirts of Torquay, near St. Marychurch Golf Club Local Knowledge Park at furthest end of Petitor Rd from the round about. Please park tidily and not over gateways. Go through kissing gate and bearing right walk down the wide green area onto the track until you reach a small fence in front of you with seat. Turn left and follow “goat track” down to the beach. It is challenging at one point requiring you to need a rope to be safe, locals renew this regularly so no problem. Walk down to the beach. On reaching the Beach naturists turn right. Gay Bi Area turn left, (just so you know!) Can be a Challenging walk back up. As fairly steep. Access to the sea is over slippery rocks. No Facilties down there at all.

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Torquay, Torbay

United Kingdom

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