CYNA Charlotte Young Naturalist Association

We are Clothing Optional CYNA encourages social nudity and naturist philosophy expecting that members and guests are here to practice social nudity. We understand that newcomers may take a while to adjust and feel comfortable. Members will not pressure or ask another member to remove clothing. We acknowledge clothing may be affirming to a member’s gender or bodily functions, for example menstruation management. We Welcome All Membership will not discriminate based on body type, gender, sexual orientation, race, ability or religious preferences. It is generally inappropriate to comment on someone's physical appearance, weight, scars, piercings or clothing without solicitation or context. We understand and encourage open and honest conversation about body image and hope to foster an environment of body acceptance. We Encourage Respect CYNA members will not engage in language or behavior that would cause others to feel unwelcome or embarrassed including but not limited to - unwanted advances, extreme intoxication, abusive language, possession of a firearm or non-consenting photography/recordings. The erection question: We understand erections are normal bodily functions and not always sexual in nature. Please do not remark on, point or otherwise acknowledge another’s erection. If you happen to experience one yourself: sit down or cover up until the erection subsides. We Are Family Friendly CYNA is a family-oriented organization. Displays of affection/touching are permissible to the extent acceptable in clothed family-oriented spaces. We are sex-positive in that members will not shame others based on their sexuality. The solicitation for sexual acts will not be tolerated online or at events.

Please note that we cannot guarantee the information to be correct and up-to-date. Make sure to confirm it before planning your trip. You can help us by reporting any incorrect or outdated information.

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Charlotte, Mecklenburg County

28206 Charlotte

North Carolina, United States

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