Wisteria Event Site and Campground

Wisteria is a cooperatively owned and operated land-based community and business dedicated to the following interdependent objectives: To develop and sustain an intentional residential community in harmony with responsible land stewardship To provide an environmentally conscious and educational event site for earth-honoring groups and individuals To nurture and protect a nature retreat, encouraging plant and wildlife habitats Campground and Boundaries The campground area is only a small part of Wisteria’s 620 acres. Do not stray from the clearly marked campground areas shown on the map. Other areas of the land are off limits because they are private sites, rugged terrain or are part of the wildlife habitat/nature preserve areas. Wisteria land has many cliffs and ravines and other natural features. Loose footing on unfamiliar ground can result in catastrophe. Note that during some events, lower campground areas may be clothing optional.

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Pomeroy, Meigs County

Wisteria Event Site and Campground, 39825 OH-684, Pomeroy, OH 45769

45769 Pomeroy

Ohio, United States

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